At home and abroad.

Whether it’s a family decision or work-related, moving to another country is no small step. That’s why choosing the right removal company is essential. Just like all other removals – and possibly more important in this case – we will organise for our surveyor to come and visit your home. That way we can get all the information we need, answer any questions and help settle any nerves in the process.

Planning is crucial. We need to allow as much time as possible before the event to make everything runs smoothly. It’s important that we gather all information on the destination. There are some interesting homes throughout Europe that our removal trucks might struggle to get close to but if we know about any access issues beforehand then we can put a suitable plan of action in place.

With continual investment in our fleet and our ability you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands. Call us now on 01225 759200 to discuss your needs. 

Worldwide Shipping

If you’re looking to move even further afield, we have the knowledge and contacts to enable smooth transit every time. From export wrapping and the right insurances to correct customs clearance and paperwork we’ve got it covered. Call us now on 01225 759200 or contact us via our secure form.