Moving your pianos or special items. 
Just a Piano to a Picasso....


Over the years our experience in the movement of pianos and antiques has led to more and more clients on our books that regularly trust us with their precious belongings.

From a standard upright piano left unplayed in the dining room, to that valuable grand piano handed down through the generations, we have the expertise and equipment to handle the movement with ease, coupled with a realistic charge.

We offer a range of services dependant on the project. If a crane is required we will source one, or for a simple ground floor to ground floor movement of an upright piano, our staff, equipment and any of our specialist vehicles are always at hand to swiftly and carefully complete the task.

Should you wish to store or dispose of your piano, we have many pianos stored safely within our vast warehousing, totally dry and remaining at a constant temperature. Should you wish to simply dispose of your piano, we have outlets in piano schools and charities, where you only pay a minimal disposal fee and leave the rest to us.

From auction houses to antique dealers, someone submitting an antique to auction or a collector of artwork and ornaments, we are trusted 100% and regularly make trips where part loads can be included, saving you money in the process.

Being a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) we have links across Europe and indeed the world, so if your antique needs shipping, we can organise this for you. In 2011 we delivered a large mirror to hang over the mantlepiece of ex Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Tony Blair.

On removal day our specially chosen removal truck – manned by our expert crew - will pull up at your home and start loading the vehicle for a careful and safe removal. For more information, call us now on 01225 759200 or contact us via our secure form.

*Our quotations are designed to last. Many of our customers come back to us 6 months – and sometimes two to three years – after the initial quote due to issues selling or if there is a change of heart. The price will is still the same in almost all cases.