Removals, Restricted Access & Tranships

Moving house with restricted access
House removals in Wiltshire

So, you’ve finally found ‘that’ home, the one you’ve dreamed about. The only problem is that the access is a bit ‘restricted’. No matter though, your Toyota Yaris will get up that drive fine.

But have you considered the removal day side of things?

If not, you need to think about it, and the sooner the better. Therefore, we advise with any removal, get a real-time home survey for all that is to be moved, what your requirements are, who is packing, the things we are not allowed to carry, what needs to go in your car, etc. Get a real quotation, priced right, but also provided with the right size vehicle, and number of staff to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as possible.

When we call, we look at the access to where you are now,. However we will also, when possible, visit the property you are moving to to assess the access there. Obviously if you need a large removal truck, if it can sit outside the house, ramps out for ease of loading, and nothing is a problem.

However, if the access is just manageable by car, the removal truck will not have a chance – leaving staff to walk with your belongings, sometimes a considerable distance, up steep hills. Add to that the time taken, the risk to your worldly goods, let alone if it starts to rain. The combinations do not make for a comfortable first day in your new dream home!

We can combat this in a few ways. We gain the rough cubic capacity of goods to be moved, we then take into consideration the access, and if it's too tight or awkward for the large truck, we have the biggest fleet of vehicles for a local independent remover, ranging from small vans, long wheel base vans, luton furniture bodied vans, 7.5 tonne small removal trucks, through to 12 tonne, 15, 17, 18 & 26 tonne vehicles. So, if we cannot utilise one large truck, maybe use 2 smaller ones.

Or if the access is poor and some distance is involved, it might be a case of providing what is known as a ‘tranship’ van, which will run from the ‘mother ship’ where all your belongings arrive on the big truck, transferred onto the van, which then can reach the home to unload – then back to the truck for its next load and so on.

Staff also come into it, of course. 2 or 3 staff are enough, in normal circumstances, however depending on the amount to be moved and what the access is like, it is usual to put 4, 5 or 6 staff on shift to ensure that the removal is completed as quickly but as safely as possible.

Once moved into any home, your own work starts to get the home as you want it, but the process of moving, to keep it as stress free as possible but completed as soon as possible is your aim as well as ours.

Cost will come into things, but you do not want to do things as cheaply as possible. There are pitfalls waiting for you if the move hasn’t been allowed for properly with enough vehicles and staff. If your move holds up the chain on the day, and all the removal companies are delayed, costs incurred by others could filter down to the property that caused any hold ups on the day.

So, there we have it. If you hear the word ‘tranship’ it is because access maybe too restricted for a removal truck. Also, if you know that access is poor, ask your remover chosen for quotation if they are considering a ‘tranship’ – they should know what you mean.

Good luck!