Packing made easy.

We offer high quality packaging materials from our Head Office depot. Simply give us a call, discuss your needs, we'll work out costs and then prepare materials for collection. You can pay via Direct Debit over the phone or by card or cash
on pick-up.

We currently stock: 

  • Removal Cartons – new, double walled, flat packed and ready to go. They’re unprinted and available in two of the most common sizes.
  • Second Hand Cartons - as above but second hand at a budget price. Used once or twice by us, they're still up to the job and great value.
  • Bubble wrap – the kids’ favourite. Rolls of half a metre by 100 metres are standard but we can source larger widths/bubble sizes as required.
  • Packing paper – reams of newspaper cutoffs which are perfect for ‘scrunch’ to help fill boxes or reams of tissue paper for more fragile items.
  • Tape – the best brown vinyl available, Fragile written tape available too.
  • Garment boxes – easy to use so your clothes stay on their hangers. A favourite of the moving process we provide the best available with rail.
  • Loose fill – large bags of polystyrene loose fill which can be used to fill boxes for extra fragile items – available in the best recyclable materials by the bag. Pre-order only. 

And if it’s not on the list just give us a call. We can source everything from special size boxes to picture boxes to alternative materials. That’s what makes us your One Stop Removal Shop.

For more details call us now on 01225 759200 or contact us via our secure form.