Who's packing?

We can tailor our services to help you prior to removal. The options are as follows:

Basic Removal

Our customers often find that they have a smoother removal if they pack themselves. It means they can get rid of rubbish as they go along and give things away that they do not need. As soon as our quote is accepted, we deliver all professional removal materials (including boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper) free of charge. Boxes are usually supplied on a refundable deposit basis. We then turn up once everything has been boxed, disassembled and is ready to go. Boxes are collected free of charge – where possible – after removal.

Half-Day Packing

This generally involves fragile items such as china and glass but can be modified as required. The packing materials for our bit are supplied free of charge and all other materials would already have been delivered as per the BASIC REMOVAL. All packing services are provided the day prior to removal. Please remember this when completing on a house on a Monday as we do not usually pack on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday – unless crucial.

Full Packing

We come in and do everything for you including packing everything, taking apart beds and wardrobes, etc We provide all materials and ensure everything is ready for when the truck arrives. It is the most expensive option but for some it is the only option – be it time, health or age restricitons.

Always remember that these are just guidelines and nothing is set in stone. We can help you get what you require at the right price. Whether you want to purchase packing materials or want us to take apart furniture but not pack. We’re happy to quote to meet your needs. 

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