How to pack away the bedroom

How to pack away the bedroom

As one of the most used rooms in your home, it is important that you get packing right when it comes to moving your bedroom. Like with other frequently used rooms in your home, you can’t simply pack everything up and wait to moving day, instead you have to prioritise items and leave some packing till moving day itself. Minimise time spent packing by following our advice.

Focus on the items you don’t use

As you won’t be able to pack up items that you use every day, you should focus on the items that you don’t use. Clothing that rarely gets worn, or items that are not currently part of your seasonal wardrobe can be packed away as early as possible. As you get closer to your moving date, you can pack away more of your wardrobe.

Do the same for towels and bedding and pack up anything that you definitely won’t use before you move house.

Look after costly items

Jewellery and other costly items that you store in your bedroom should be carefully packed away and looked after. Pack dainty or small jewellery, like expensive necklace and earrings, into smaller boxes or invest in a jewellery wrap so that pieces can be neatly stored and won’t get lost.

Be realistic about what you need to keep

Be sensible when packing and get rid of any items that you never use. Moving is the perfect time for a clear out and it is often better to clear out before you move. Doing so will not only mean that you have less items to move, but will make sure that you don’t end up wasting space in your new home with items that you don’t really want.

Plan with the family

If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably got more than one bedroom to pack! It’s a good idea to get your children to help pack away there room, put a plan and check list together to help your children get organised with their bedroom.

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