How to Pack Children’s Bedrooms

How to Pack Children’s Bedrooms

Moving house can be highly emotional, but especially so for children. If this is the first time your children have ever moved, they may find the whole process difficult to cope with. It’s therefore important to have a well worked out strategy for how to minimise the impact of moving on your children to make it as easy as possible for them to deal with the move.

Do it gradually

The more you can spread out the process of packing up their bedroom, the more time you are giving your kids to adjust to the idea. Start by sorting out any toys they no longer play with and clothes that no longer fit them to donate to friends, charity or sell on via eBay or similar sites.

You can then start packing their things up a box at a time, making sure to leave their favourite toys, clothes and other things until last. The longer you can spread this process out the better, with the idea being to do it over the course of a few weeks.

Get the kids involved

Including your children in the moving process can help them accept it more easily and get them exciting about it. As well as making sure they are involved in choosing which of their toys and other possessions they no longer need, you can get them to help with the packing and labelling so they won’t be anxious about where any of their things are.

Have an ‘open first’ box

Just like you need an open first box for yourself, it’s a good idea to make one for each of your kids. This should contain their favourite things including teddies, toys and pyjamas – basically anything that will help them feel settled in their new room as quickly as possible. It can also help to include a present for them in their open first box to act as a reward for being good during the move and to help keep them occupied and make them feel excited about being in their new room.

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