How to Find the Best Estate Agent to Sell Your House

How to Find the Best Estate Agent to Sell Your House

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home can make a huge difference, both to the final sale price and how quickly you get there. With so many different estate agents out there, finding the perfect one for you can be tricky. Fortunately there are several strategies you can use to help narrow down the field.

What to look for

Generally speaking you want an agent with a good knowledge of the local market. The longer established an agency is, the deeper their knowledge of local market conditions and property in the area should be. You also want an agent who has experience selling property like yours, especially if you have a more unusual property, such as a listed building. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for estate agents boards around your area to see who has the most marked ‘Sold’.

Make a shortlist

Many people make the mistake of simply choosing the first agent they come across who seems vaguely human. Instead, you should make a shortlist of all the agents you like and invite them to make a valuation. This will also give you the opportunity to quiz them further. It’s well worth asking for their advice about anything simple and cost-effective you can do to make your home more saleable as this will give a good indicator of how well they know their market.

Questions you should ask

The following are a quick list of questions that can help you make a decision:

•    How long have you been working in the local market?
•    What other houses like mine have you sold recently?
•    How will you market my home?
•    What is your viewing policy? Will you accompany potential buyers?
•    Are you a member of a professional trade association such as the National Association of Estate Agents?
•    How long do you expect it to take to sell my property? 
•    What will you do if it doesn’t sell within that time frame?

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