How to pack the bathroom

How to pack the bathroom

Packing your house by room makes packing much simpler and easier. You can label the boxes clearly and will know exactly where to unload and unpack the boxes on moving day. Each room will have its own quirks when it comes to packing them away, so here’s what you’ll need to bear in mind for the bathroom.


It’s a good idea to try and use up most of your toiletries before moving day. They can often be quite messy and you run the risk of them spilling. But if you have plenty left, you need to pack them properly. Using carrier bags or cling film is ideal to wrap up the toiletries to protect against spillage over any other items. Use a plastic box to put them into, something sturdier than cardboard, on the off chance they do spill.


Bathroom towels can take up quite a large amount of room in your boxes so it’s often better to spread them around. They are ideal for protecting crockery, glass and china if you’re running low on bubble wrap. Simply pack your boxes as usual and spread towels over the top and in-between items to ensure they can’t bang into each other and break in the removal van.


Your bathroom mirror needs to be packed away carefully, to avoid breakage. Here’s a chance for you to put your bathroom towels to use. Wrap the mirror beneath a thick towel before placing into a box for a safe removal trip.


Any large furniture in your bathroom such as drawers or shelves will need to be notified to your removal men. This will help them gauge an idea of how much furniture you have to move, and how large a van they will need to store all your items. Being prepared with these details helps to make the move much smoother, for everyone involved.

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