Easiest way to furnish your new home

Easiest way to furnish your new home

If your house move involves upgrading to a larger home or moving from furnished to unfurnished, then you may find yourself lacking some essential items. Rather than panic, constructing a careful plan about what you need and where you’re going to get it will mean you have everything you immediately need for your new home.

Stock up

If possible, try to stock up on the essential items that you’ll need before you move. Prioritise beds and mattresses so that you’ve got somewhere to sleep as soon as you move in. Ikea do a great range of cheap and sturdy beds and some very comfortable rolled mattresses that you can pick up straight from the store and easily fit in medium sized cars. As their furniture is flat packed, you could easily store them in your garage, or if you so wished, use our secure storage facilities while you wait for your moving date.

Use Freecycle and seek second hand

If your budget can’t extend to furnishing the whole of your new abode, don’t be afraid to find free or second hand items. Take a look at what’s on offer on your local Freecycle network or search your local charity and second hand shops. You’re likely to find bargains and even your new favourite household item!

Don’t compromise on everything

There are some items that you can’t live without, but items like bedside cabinets, coffee tables and even sofas aren’t essential to your daily living. If you don’t manage to find ‘non-essential’ furniture that you would like to have in your home, then don’t feel you have to compromise and panic buy anything.

Though it is nice to get everything sorted and organised, it is better to find the right furnishing for your new house so that you create a comfortable and cosy environment that you’ll enjoying living in. Take the time to look for special items in furniture shops, antique fairs, and online so that you have items in your home that you love.

As removal experts based in Wiltshire, we can help you move house no matter how much stuff you own. Whether it’s a full house move, or you simply require a partial load move, we can help. Get in touch by calling 01225 759200 for receive a no obligation moving quote.