How to Advertise Your Retail Move

How to Advertise Your Retail Move

When moving your retail business it is important to make sure you do not lose any trade due to customers being unable to find you at your new location. Effectively advertising your move and making sure everyone knows where you are going will prevent you from losing customers and potential revenue and help to make the transition as smooth as possible. The following are our top suggestions for where to advertise.

Outside your premises

It might sound basic, but a sign in the window of your shop is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get the message out. Include the date of the move and the location of your new premises and also the reason for the move if appropriate. It’s also worth getting a ‘coming soon’ sign up at your new premises as soon as possible to double the reach of your advertising.


These days customers are increasingly interacting with companies through the internet, so this can be a great way to spread the word of your move. Make sure to have the information up on your website and don’t forget to share it through your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. With social media it is usually a good idea to put out the message several times before and after the move, just to make sure the message sinks in. However, don’t go overboard as you might end up annoying people and having them unfollow you.

It’s also important not to overlook online directories such as and other local business listings. You can usually update these yourselves, but if not a quick email or phone call once you have moved should do the trick.

Local papers and trade publications

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional media, especially your local paper. It is usually relatively cheap to put an advert in your local paper and you can actually reach a lot of people. If you are moving to significantly bigger premises or after a long time in the same location you may even be able to get the paper to write a story about your move, gaining yourself some free publicity and getting the news out there about your new location into the bargain.

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