How to Pack your Belongings with your First Night in Mind

How to Pack your Belongings with your First Night in Mind

Planning out your removals procedure requires a lot of mental energy and this can leave you tired and exhausted. Somewhere in the middle of all of this mayhem however, between labelling and organising, you might want stop and think: What are you going to do once you arrive at the other end?

It is too easy to become forgetful of certain needs when one is busy packing up pots and pans. What are you going to do on your first night if you have forgotten to pack toothpaste, for example or you can’t remember which box the cereal is in?

Open-first box

An open-first box is essential for any move. Plan a few days before you start packing what you might need on your first day and night in the property. As humans, we all have certain needs and requirements, such as for security, food and shelter. Working around these ideas, it becomes easier to generate an idea of what you might need in your new and unfamiliar house.

Some items you might need, in order to get you started, could include:

The keys to the new property
A washbag
Tea/coffee, milk and sugar
Medicine / first-aid kit
Toilet paper

Make a list and stick to it!

You should try to make a list and staple it to the top of an empty box, then when you have a few moments you should try to fill the box with the items on the list. On the day of the move, double check the box’s contents and make sure of its location!

There could be worse things than losing that box, but not many. Making sure that it doesn’t get loaded onto the removals van is really quite important.

What’s for dinner?

Man (and woman!) cannot live on biscuits alone, especially after a hard day lugging around boxes. So don’t forget to ask yourself what you plan to eat, come evening time. Are you going to opt for the do-it-yourself route, which will involve packing your own pots and pans, or are you going to get a take-away? Alternatively, you could prepare a dinner before hand, freeze it and then defrost it on arrival.

Where are you going to sleep?

Before you move house, you will need to find out if your bed will be there when you arrive.  Are you going to need to camp out in a sleeping bag on your first night? You should plan for this eventuality by placing your bedding in a separate box and placing it with your ‘open-first’ box.

Getting restless?

If you are looking for a removals company in Bristol that can help you with your move, why not contact us for a quote? We’ve helped plenty of families move their possessions and we can even give you advice on what to expect on your first move.