Five ways to entertain your children during your long-distance move

Five ways to entertain your children during your long-distance move

You’ve bought a new home in a new area and you’re all set for the big move, but how do you keep your children entertained on the long journey from the old to the new? Moving home can be a stressful time for your children as well as yourself, so it’s a good idea to have some activities planned for the drive to help them feel less daunted about the move.

Here are five ways to keep the kids entertained while you’re on the road:

1.    Visual games. There’s nothing wrong with a good old game of ‘I Spy’, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ or ‘Yellow Car’. Easy to play and completely free, you can keep these games going for hours.

2.    Playing cards. Offering endless game options, a simple pack of playing cards is affordable, takes up almost no space and will keep your children distracted for long stretches. Buy a book that explains the rules of a broad range of games and they can learn as they go along.

3.    Handheld games consoles. If your children have games consoles, you may find that a long car journey is the perfect time to utilise them. Hand out the headphones and let them play with their consoles until you reach your destination. They’ll hardly notice they’ve left the living room.

4.    Board games. Board games can bring out the competitive side in some children, but they can be really fun and may even encourage kids to share and gain knowledge without really thinking about it. Go for travel versions of board games they are much easier for your children to play during a long drive.

5.    A portable DVD player or tablet. An iPad or DVD player can help to keep arguments to a minimum, providing your children can decide what they want to watch or play. Keep them quiet for hours or get the whole family singing along to Disney’s Frozen and you’ll be at your new home before you know it.

Make sure that you keep any games and devices separate from your other belongings so that they are easily accessible when you set off, and that they are kept out of sight when you are not in the car. Finally, include all of the necessary attachments and chargers so that your entertainment options last the full journey.

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