The right way to pack up your computers

The right way to pack up your computers

Moving offices often means the relocation of a lot of expensive equipment. When it comes to packing up your IT equipment, you want to make sure it’s done properly, as a damaged computer doesn’t just mean a costly replacement, but also means the potential loss of data and important work.

Back Up Files

It’s highly likely that you’ve already got backups of most of your work, especially as most modern offices now make use of cloud services where their work is stored online. If you don’t use online file storing, or haven’t made a backup in a while, it is a good idea to make copies of your work prior to your move. This will protect your files should anything happen to your computer.

Clearly Label

If packing up a number of computers in your office, it is important to label them so that computers, keyboards, and monitors don’t get mixed up when you arrive at your new place and start to unpack. Write people’s names on white labels and stick them to monitors and towers as these are very easy to remove.


If you aren’t able to pack your computer away in its original box, then the next best thing is to make use of bubble wrap and other protective layers. Wrap monitors and towers in a minimum of two layers of bubble wrap, and then pack them neatly into a plastic boxes.

Use an Experienced Team

One of the ways to help prevent damage to your possessions is to use an experienced team of removals experts. Using a team like Intransit means that you’ll have professionals helping you relocate who have access to all the tools needed for a hassle free office move.

We can provide essential packing items, such as IT rolling cages, that aid the efficient transportation of computers, printers, and other vital electrical items that your office uses.

We are a removals company operating in the south west, so if you’re looking for a Chippenham removals team to help with your local office move, then get in touch by calling 01225 759200.