Dealing with Furniture when Moving

Dealing with Furniture when Moving

When it comes to moving house, small items can easily be packed away in to boxes and sorted once arriving at your new place if necessary. This isn’t the case when it comes to organising your furniture. It is quite important that you are aware of exactly what is going to be moved, what you’re getting rid of, and what you’ll need for your new home.

Are you going to leave your white goods?

You probably already know whether you’re going to be taking or leaving the white goods in your home. Either way, you’ll need to plan appropriately. If you’re having to replace washing machines, fridges and freezers, then you’ll need to have an interim plan for replacements. If you’re taking your white goods with you, then you will need to defrost freezers, empty the contents of the fridge, and prep the items for the move.

What to Buy

Before moving, work out whether you’ll need any new furniture. More space will often mean the need for extra furniture, especially when you find yourself with more bedrooms than before.

When to Buy

If you find that you’re going to have to buy furniture, then it is essential that you know when to buy it. Take measurements of your space before you move so that you can begin furniture shopping if necessary, and make sure you are more than prepared for the delivery date.

Although organisation is good, it’s not always practical to buy all your new furniture before you move, as you may have miscalculated the amount of space you have. Choose a few key items to have delivered during the first couple of weeks of living in your new home, and organise the rest while settling in.

Always prioritise what you need to purchase, with essential items like beds, mattresses, and kitchen items being at the top of the list of items to buy.

Inform your removals team

If you’re planning on moving any large or bulky pieces of furniture, then it is a really good idea to let your removals team know in advance. This way, they can plan appropriately and even change the size of their van if really needed.

If you’re organising a move, give us a call to find out how we can help. Intransit offer Chippenham removals and have a secure storage facility should you find that you actually have too much furniture that you don’t want to get rid of! Call us on 01225 759200 for a no-obligation removal quote.