Protecting your Antiques during your Move

Protecting your Antiques during your Move

We all own items that are precious and valuable, whether for sentimental, expense, or age reasons. While the values of these items can often go overlooked during day to day living, when it comes to moving house, their value and how to move them is often at the forefront of our minds.

While the closest some of us may have got to owning antiques is watch Antiques’ Roadshow on a Sunday, those of us who own some heirlooms themselves should follow these tips for successful relocation of antique or valuable goods:

  • Package carefully – be sure to protect your antiques by packing them properly. Use professional packing materials rather than just newspapers, as these will better protect your goods. Use bubble wrap to package china and glass individually, and then place in a cardboard box. Use packaging peanuts or cold popcorn to fill the leftover space in the box and protect your goods.
  • Let your moving team know – if you’re moving an expensive or old item, then let your removals team know what they’re moving beforehand. This will guarantee that they’ll take that little bit of extra care when moving your antique items.
  • Label your boxes – make it extra clear about the fragility or importance of the item you’re moving by labelling the box. This will serve as a reminder during the moving process, and will make it easy for you to allocate these items once the move is complete.

Here at Intransit, we’ve got plenty of experience helping move valuables and antique items. Our professional team can help with the relocation of small valuables to large expensive items. We can even help with the moving of pianos!

If you’re looking to move a much loved antique, and live in the Bath area, then why not give this removals company a call? You can reach our friendly team on 01225 759200.