Moving your retail warehouse

Moving your retail warehouse

Though not always necessary, moving your retail premises can also mean the relocation of your warehouse and storage facilities. Relocating your stock to a new warehouse can provide many benefits to a growing business, but is often a far more difficult task that simply moving your retail premises.

To help with the process, we’ve come up with some advice on planning and completing a warehouse move.

Replicate the floorplan

You’ll need to have the floorplan of your new warehouse agreed long before the actual move takes place, so that the space can be organised quickly and efficiently. If you can, try to replicate the layout of your old warehouse, as this can be useful to employees as they navigate their way round the new location.

Consider moving in stages

Moving in stages may help your business continue to operate during your relocation. By moving half of your stock, you can continue to trade rather than having to temporarily close down, or completely limit the items that you sell. Prioritise the moving process so that your most popular stock is easily accessible to avoid disappointing your customers.

Have a warehouse clearance sale

If your current warehouse is filled with old stock, then having a clearance sale before moving can help get rid of products you no longer sell. Designate a week to hold a special sale and move old stock into your retail premises so customers can buy with ease. Have a plan of what to do with any items that fail to sell, such as donating them to charity or selling bulk stock at an auction.

Prioritise Planning

As a warehouse relocation is a far larger move than that of a household, it is essential that you spend plenty of time planning your move. Perfecting your planning will make the actual move far easier, especially if you’ve booked removals companies and packing teams well in advance.

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