Should You Decorate Your New Home Before Or After You Move?

Should You Decorate Your New Home Before Or After You Move?

Planning when you’re going to decorate your new home isn’t always high on your list of priorities, but if you don’t think about it in advance you may regret it later on. When you choose to decorate will depend on many things, from the length of overlap in your ownership of old and new houses to the amount of time you have after moving day. There are pros to each course of action that you’ll need to weigh up before you decide what to do.

Pros of Decorating Before You Move In

  • You can unpack right away and start to feel at home faster
  • You don’t have to live out of boxes or worry about where to put your possessions while you paint, lay carpet, etc.
  • It’s much easier to paint an empty room
  • If you put it off, you may end up pushing it down your list of priorities for much longer than you meant to – this could especially be a problem if you completely hate the old decoration

Pros of Decorating After You Move In

  • You don’t have to pre-plan or rush the redecorating process, instead you can take it room-by-room
  • You won’t accidentally scuff or damage your new decorations during the moving process
  • You will get to know your home better once you have moved in and therefore will have a better idea of exactly how you want to decorate it

Use Storage

If you don’t have a long overlap where you have access to both properties, you can always put some of your possessions into short or long term storage to keep most of the space clear while you redecorate. If you have to go straight back to work or have children then this option could be right for you as it fully removes one of the big problems – a pile of boxes that you will have to work round and keep relocating – and saves you time and hassle.

Intransit Removals and Storage can securely store your belongings while you decorate your new place, as well as help you out on moving day. If you’d like to find out about our range of removal services give us a call on 01225 759200.