What to Do If There’s a Gap Between Your Moving Dates

What to Do If There’s a Gap Between Your Moving Dates

Although in an ideal world we would all move seamlessly from our old home to our new one, sometimes this isn’t possible for a variety of reasons. If you find yourself having to move out of your old place before your new one is ready, there are several options which will make like much easier.


Unless you are lucky enough to be able to stay with friends or family, renting is likely to be your only option unless you want to end up on the streets. Generally most rental contracts tend to be for either six months or a year, but if you shop around for short term rentals you can usually find options to rent for a month or even just a few weeks. There are plenty of other temporary accommodation options available, which we’ll talk about in our next blog post.


Whatever form of temporary accommodation you find, you are unlikely to be able to move everything you own in with you. Putting the majority of your belongings into storage will make your life much easier when finding somewhere to live short term and will also save you the hassle or having to pack, load, unload and unpack your whole life twice in a short space of time.

Home Buyers Protection Insurance

If your purchase of your new home isn’t yet finalised it can be a good idea to cover yourself with Home Buyers Protection Insurance. This will protect you against situations such as being outbid by another buyer, the property being withdrawn from sale or you having to withdraw (depending on the circumstances).

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