Make Moving a Family Affair

Make Moving a Family Affair

Moving can be a highly stressful time and who better to help you cope with that stress than your family? Getting your nearest and dearest involved not only takes some of the pressure off you, it also helps get your family involved in one of the most important aspects of your life – setting up your new home! Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to expect your family to do everything for you, but there are certain jobs they are ideally suited for which can make your life so much easier.


Packing is often the most stressful and time-consuming part of any move, so the more people you can get involved the better. Getting your whole family over for a packing party, or else having them come round separately in ones and two over a few weeks can significantly cut your workload. It also offers the perfect opportunity for a nostalgic trip or two down memory lane as well as the chance for some tough love when it comes to deciding exactly which of your possessions to keep and which to let go.

Of course, you can also get your removals company to help take care of your packing for you, which is a service the team here at Intransit are happy to provide.

Baby and pet sitting

As stressful as moving is for you, it can be much worse for your children and pets. Having a familiar member of your family take care of them for a few days during the busiest part of the move can make life easier for everyone. If you drop your children and pets off at a relative’s house the day before the move, then pick them up after everything’s in place at your new home, it can make the whole process much less disruptive and minimise the chances of any upset.


The build up to a move can easily take over your whole life for months, so once you’re actually into your new home you’ll likely want to get settled as quickly as possible. Having your family on hand to help get everything into place and feeling homely on the double will help prevent you from feeling like you are living in a storage facility for weeks after the move. The sooner everything is in its proper place, the sooner your new house will feel like home and the happier you and your family will be.


If your new home is in need of a bit of a touch up, but you are running low on funds, getting your family over to help with a bit of painting and general fixing up can be the ideal solution. Whether you want to go all out and throw a decorating party, or simply hit up any family members who excel at DIY, getting your new home looking right will go a long way to helping you quickly feel settled.


Eating well often goes out the window around a move, with the local chip shop or pizza place becoming an easy fix. If you’d prefer to eat something a little more healthy or with a home-made touch, your family may be willing to help by putting together a few pre-cooked meals for you to simply whack in the oven when it’s time to feed your face. Not only can this save you money and avoid trashing your diet, a home-cooked meal is guaranteed to remind you how much your family care and keep you smiling through the stress.

No matter how much help your family can offer, nothing makes a move easier and more harmonious than having a professional, efficient and friendly removals company to help do the heavy lifting. Intransit are one of the most trusted removals company in Melksham and the surrounding area with over 18 years’ experience helping people move. So if you want to really cut the stress from your move, call Intransit today on 01225 759200 or fill out our contact form for a quick response.