Picking an estate agent to help you move rental property

Picking an estate agent to help you move rental property

When you’re looking for a new rental property, it’s nice to have an estate agent that can take care of the leg work for you. Trawling pages and pages of websites looking for the perfect house takes time and effort, so if you’re safe in the hands of an agent, you’re in luck. But it’s hard to find the right estate agent that knows the area and exactly what you are looking for. Here are the things you should consider in your search for the perfect estate agent.

Local knowledge

Local information on schools, shops, area notoriety and price bracket are really important and hard to come by on your own. Do your research into an estate agent’s local whereabouts and if their rental properties span the areas you want to rent in. If an estate agent has lots of properties in the area you would like, ask them about their local knowledge to double check they know their stuff. 

Agency fees

Estate agent’s fees are renowned for being quite high. Some agencies will have a set fee whereas others use a percentage of the monthly rental price plus VAT. Check this figure before you agree to work with any estate agent, as you don’t want to be roped into a hefty price tag that you were unaware of.

Online reviews

Although to be taken with a pinch of salt, online reviews are quite good at giving you an idea about an estate agent’s reputation as well as their pros and cons. Use them to gauge an understanding of a few estate agents and compare them to see who comes out on top for your own requirements.

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