Top 6 things people forget to do when moving house

Top 6 things people forget to do when moving house

It’s common knowledge that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences someone can go through. So remembering everything on moving day can be quite tricky. We’ve put together a list of the top forgotten things when moving house, so you can be better prepared.

1.    Make an ‘Important Things’ box
It’s a nightmare when you’ve moved into your new house, and you can’t find your phone charger or your ‘to do’ list or some other essential item. Packing a box especially for these important items can save so much time when it comes to moving day.

2.    Label boxes
On that note, it’s also vital that you label your boxes. Not only label them, but label them in language that will be coherent the next day. It’s surprising how often people write something on a box in a hurry and then a few hours later, are not entirely sure what room that box is meant for.

3.    Inform everyone of new address
Compile a list of all the companies and people that will need your updated address. It might be quite a long list and takes time to get through, but you need to be careful not to miss anything important off.

4.    Leave your new address at old place
As a back-up plan, leave a note of your name and new address at your old property so any mail that you might have forgotten can be forwarded on to you. This saves you having to keep going back to your old house to fetch all your letters.

5.    Set up internet
Get in early with your internet providers and tell them you’re moving address so you don’t forget and end up internet-less at your new property. 

6.    Keep your removal company up to date
Remember to keep your removal company up to date with any changes to your moving day plan, such as a time alteration or extra furniture to move. 

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