What do I need to do legally regarding my business move?

What do I need to do legally regarding my business move?

Be aware of the law surrounding your employees

There are a number of ways you may legally be obliged to help with regarding your employees and the relocation of your business. You may find that you have to provide compensation to employees for your business relocation if it is specified in the contracts your staff have. You can check the rights of your employees when it comes to moving business premises on the UK Government’s website.

Informing HMRC

You must let HMRC know that your trading address has changed. You have to ensure that you’ve notified and updated the details for corporation tax, self-assessment, PAYE for employers, VAT, and any other taxes and schemes that you are registered for. You have to inform HMRC of changes regarding VAT within 30 days of a change of address.

You can update address details for the majority of taxes and schemes by logging into your online HMRC account. Alternatively, if you are unable to update your details online, you can do so in writing. Addresses can be found online.

Changes to Legal Structure

You must also let HMRC know if there have been any changes to your businesses structure during the move. This includes changing the type of company that you run (e.g. soletrader or limited company).

There are many other legal requirements that you’ll need to complete when you move business premises. Though we can’t help with updating your business information, we can help make your move easier so that you can spend more time focusing on ticking the legal boxes. Our professional team are experienced in helping businesses relocate, so if you’re looking for a removals team in Wiltshire to help you move call us on 01225 759200.