How to Move Your Antique Items

How to Move Your Antique Items

Big or small, antique items need special care when moving home. The last thing you need, with the stress of moving house, is a special belonging to break or damage in the move. Here’s our top tips on how to move your precious items without the worry.


Smaller antiques that can fit in to boxes should be packaged carefully. Invest in good quality bubble wrap to wrap around china or glass and place them into the box with care. Packaging peanuts are good to fill the rest of the box, or you could use larger bubble wrap. Make sure you label the box so you and your moving team remember that it contains fragile items that should be moved with caution.

Larger items

Antiques that are too big to fit in boxes need a bit more planning. Large carts or trolleys can be hired and used to transport the heavier items on to the removal truck. A grand piano, for example, might even need a crane to be lifted up and on to the removal lorry.


Sometimes, it’s just best to put your precious items in storage until you can safely return them to your house. This means that you won’t have to worry about your special belongings on moving day, and can take the time to plan where they will go in your new home. When it comes to picking a warehouse for safe storage, you need to make sure that it is dry and stays at a constant temperature or your belongings could return to you damaged.

For a stress-free moving day, Intransit can take care of all of this for you. We are a Bath removal company and have the knowledge and expertise to move your antique items with care and precision. We even have our own warehouses if you’d rather use a safe storage option. For more information, or a free no-obligation quote, give us a ring on 01225 759200 or fill in a contact form and we will get back to you.