How to pack away the garden

How to pack away the garden

It’s easy to forget about all your belongings in the garden when you have the house to pack up first. But the garden always seems to accumulate plants and furniture more than you expect it would. As with packing up the house, there’s certain things that are best packed up first and others left to the end. Follow our guidelines on the best way to pack up your garden items.

Garden Furniture

Large furniture items such as tables and chairs should be packed away with the larger house items. To prepare for this, make sure you store them inside a garage or in sheltered area so they are not damp or dirty alongside your other furniture. Give them a wipe down for your own peace of mind. 

Garden Accessories

For all your garden accessories such as spades and shears, it’s best to pack them in a large box. You need to make sure that the box is strong enough and well taped up to handle the height of these items. Scissors and other sharp objects should be wrapped up in bubble wrap or cling film to make sure you don’t hurt yourself when getting them back out of the box. Remember to label the box clearly. 

Garden plants and pots

Lastly, you need to pack your garden plants. This is best saved to last as they need as much daylight as they can get – and you should try to minimise the amount of time they are without it. For the plants that are in large pots, be sure to move them somewhere within easy reach of your removal men as they are bound to be quite heavy. 

Smaller potted plants can be put in a large box together to save multiple trips carrying them all. A plastic clear box is best for this as both you and your removal men will know what is inside, and you don’t have to seal it up and cause damage to the plants.

Make sure you dig up the plants that have been planted into the ground, and use leftover plant pots to temporarily store them until you can plant them at your new house. Canes are useful for plants with weak stems, as you can use small ties to tie the two together, keeping the stem standing straight up.

Follow these guidelines, and your garden packing will be organised and efficient. If you’re in need of removal services to move all your garden items, then Intransit Removals can help. We’re one of the top house removal companies and we are dedicated to making your day as stress-free as possible.

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