Estate agent or private landlord, what’s best?

Estate agent or private landlord, what’s best?

If you’re moving into a rental property for the first time, it can be hard to figure out which kind of property best suits you. Having an estate agent or private landlord is the first thing to figure out. Both of these have their pros and cons and it depends on what kind of service you are after as to which one you should pick.

Estate agents

An estate agent can offer a complete service. If you find your house or flat through an estate agent, they will stick with you throughout the tenancy. This is really good if you’re renting a place that might need some work done, as you can contact an estate agent whenever there is an issue and it is their responsibility to take care of it as soon as possible. 

Of course, this doesn’t come for free. When you decide you want a property with an estate agent, there are agency fees to pay which differ depending on the agent. Sometimes, this is a percentage of the rental price and others, it is a fixed cost. If you choose to stay in an estate agent-run property past the contract date, there are fees to be paid here too so there can be a few unexpected costs.

Private landlords

With a private landlord, there is a much more personal approach to renting. You can get to know your landlord, and build a friendship so that should any issue arise, you can work it out together. A private landlord comes with no unexpected charges such as lengthening the contract date or agency fees which is really beneficial for those on a budget.

However, you may not be able to get hold of your landlord as often as you would like. An estate agent’s entire job role is to maintain properties whereas a private landlord may have a full time job, a family or live away from your property. This can make it difficult if you need to sort out an issue.

It’s also more difficult to find a private landlord than an estate agent. Estate agents often bombard you with emails and newsletters with new properties, but you need to actively search out for a private landlord online or in local newspapers. 

Choosing a private landlord or estate agent mainly depends on your budget, time scale and general requirements so consider carefully. Once you’ve chosen which one best suits you, Intransit can help you move. As a professional Bath removal company, we can move all your belongings, no matter how big or small. For more information, please call 01225 759200 or you can request a quote here.