The first 6 things you should do to help you settle into your new home

The first 6 things you should do to help you settle into your new home

Once your removals company has unloaded the last box and you’re finally in your new home, there are a number of items that should be at the top of your checklist to prioritise so that you can instantly begin to make the most of your lovely new home.

1.    Internet

Modern households are almost reliant on Wi-Fi. Whether it’s updating your Facebook status to let everyone know that your move was a success, or whether it’s to sort out energy bills and council tax, making sure your internet is set up can help making settling in much easier. It’s best to try and book in your installation engineer a few weeks in advance to ensure that you can quickly get internet access.

2.    Take meter readings

It’s a good idea to take meter readings before you plug in any appliances, so when you ring up energy providers you have the exact information needed to set up your energy bills.

3.    Clean

While your new home may have been cleaned by its former owners, it is worth giving it a quick sweep before you start unpacking. Dust can easily build up so run a vacuum over the floors, polish window ledges, and wipe down surfaces to make your home ready for your belongings.

4.    Make your bed

It might not seem like a top priority when you first arrive, but you’ll thank yourself for making your bed as soon as the last box has been unloaded from the removals van. After a long moving day, you’ll love the fact that you can fall straight into bed and sleep without having to worry about which box your bedsheets are in.

5.    Find the essentials

Every household has essential items that they use every day. Toilet roll, soap, hand towels, kettle, teabags, and chargers will all come in useful on the first day in your new home. It may even be worth packing a holiday style suitcase that contains these items so you don’t end up rifling through boxes and wasting time.

6.    Test alarms

If your new home already has alarms, then test them to ensure that they are working properly, and that you know how to operate them. Burglar alarms may have PIN codes that you need to reset. If your new home doesn’t have any fire alarms, then it is worth popping out to buy some and installing them on each floor of your home.

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