What you need to know before moving into a spare room

What you need to know before moving into a spare room

It can be quite daunting moving into a spare room with people you don’t know, but you need to ask the right questions and know the facts. Being prepared before you move into the property will make sure you’ve found the right place and make moving in a smooth transition. Here’s what you need to know.

Other residents

When moving into a property with other people, it’s good to meet them first and introduce yourself. Find out how many people, their ages and their occupations to work out if you have similar interests. Meeting them is also about showing your potential roommates who you are and getting acquainted with them. Some landlords will value the opinion of the current residents so be polite, friendly and talkative.

Bill prices and organisation

You need to find out how the bills are paid. Some shared properties will have bills paid for by the landlord and this price will be included in the rent. But for the other properties, most likely there will be a lead tenant that is in charge of getting the bills paid on time. Ask the residents how much the bills usually are, and check what kind of system they use to receive them, typically via email or post.

Cleaning systems

Houses may have a cleaning rota or schedule that the residents use to make sure the house stays clean and tidy. It’s worth asking about any systems they might have to suss out how clean your potential housemates are, or rather to see if they are particularly fussy. Asking about this will give you an idea of what the housemates are like, to see if you are a match.

The bedroom

The spare room that you’ll be living in is most important so be sure to get a look before you agree to move in. Ask the landlord or whoever is showing you around the property whether the bedroom sizes are all similar, and if you are all paying the same amount of rent.

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