Getting children involved with moving house

Getting children involved with moving house

When moving house with young children, it can be quite difficult to get them excited about the move. By getting them directly involved with moving house, you can make the move much easier for both you and your children.

Discuss the move with them

Talking to your children and discussing with them about what will happen on moving day will make them feel more relaxed about it, and genuinely part of the decision making process. Include them in the details of the move and perhaps start a fun countdown to removal day.

Packing up bedrooms

Make packing up a fun game for your children. Give them some boxes and tape and see if they can pack away their own toys. You could equip them with felt tip pens and get them to label and decorate their boxes to make it clear for the removal men and yourselves as to where the boxes belong.

Visit the new house

Get your children excited by showing them around the new house. This way, you can show them their new rooms and get them planning where they’d like their furniture to go. If there’s any parks or fun activities nearby your new house, take them so they can see where you’re moving to will be a fun place to live.

Decorating ideas

Allow your children to pick a new colour to paint their bedrooms. This can be a great activity for the whole family to do together, and can take their mind off the fact they are moving away from a previous home.

Cleaning the old house

Cleaning the old house up can be quite a boring task for children, but you can make them feel more involved by getting them to help with the minor details. Plus it keeps them busy and can help you with your own cleaning jobs. Perhaps assign some special tasks such as helping pot some plants in the garden, or mopping up the floor.

Moving day

On the actual day, you may want your children to be away from the stress of it all. Getting a family member to babysit until you’ve unpacked the essential items and sorted out the house slightly can be a good idea to calm your own nerves.

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