3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Moving Abroad

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Moving Abroad

Having made the decision to go on an adventure and live in a foreign country, you are now faced with the moving process and everything that it involves. As moving abroad is arguably a more difficult and lengthy process, it is essential that you take the time to consider and plan all aspects of your move so that it runs smoothly. There are countless questions that you need to ask yourself when planning your move, and no doubt you already have a lengthy to-do list, but here are 3 more questions to ask yourself when moving abroad.

Do you Really Need That?

When packing up your life to haul it overseas or transport it into another country, you really need to think about what you actually need. Whereas simply moving house allows for you to move all of your belongings, moving abroad often requires leaving behind larger items, or possessions that become a waste of valuable luggage space.

When packing up your belongings, ask yourself the question ‘do you really need that?’ with each item, and either pack it, throw it away of give it to charity, or place it in storage so that it can be transported at a later date. For some great packing tips, visit our moving tips page.

Have you Notified the Government?

When moving abroad, you need to let authorities know. Informing your local council and HM Revenue and Customs and notifying them of your new address allows for important information to be forwarded to you, and prevents a potential build-up of bills that you would be exempt from when you move. For more information about what information you need to provide the government with when you move abroad, click here.

How are You Going to Say Goodbye?

Moving abroad is quite a big step, even with the increased frequency of flights and the communication abilities that the internet provides, so you may have to think of how you’re going to say goodbye to some of your nearest and dearest, and how you will fit this into your moving schedule.

Spending quality time with those close to you is important when moving a considerable distance, so make sure you say your goodbyes properly by holding a farewell party, sit-down meal, or spending days together doing favourite pastimes.

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