Making Moving House Easier for your Children

Making Moving House Easier for your Children

Whilst adults can easily see the benefits of moving house, children cannot and may feel like their entire life has been uprooted. Therefore, families that are beginning the house moving process will also need to plan how to help make the move easy for their children to understand and adapt to.

As moving home can be a stressful time for all involved, parents need to focus on the impact the relocating may have on their children and make sure that their family feels comfortable with the move. For families who are about to move, here are some ways to make it easier for your children.

Plenty of Discussion

Despite the fact that, as an adult and parent, you will have plenty of to do lists to complete and paperwork to sort throughout the moving process you still need to make time to discuss the move with your children. Whatever their age, you need to spend time talking about the relocation and the reasons behind it with your children to prevent them feeling isolated or develop long term resentment because of it.

As young children have short attention spans, you may find that setting aside an afternoon or evening to discuss the move isn’t the best way to talk about it, and instead should plan a brief initial chat about it and then continue to discuss the move frequently. Also make yourself freely available should your children have any questions or want to talk more about the move.

Get them Involved

Including your children will help them feel more at ease about moving home as they will feel like you are not being secret about the change in circumstances and will begin to understand the moving process. Make a couple of visits to the new house, and make sure you show which room will become their bedroom so that they can familiarise themselves with the space before moving. Once moved, let them help decide on how to decorate, especially when it comes to their own rooms, as this will help them settle into their new surroundings quickly.

Try to get teenagers properly involved with the packing process by asking them to pack areas, or label boxes. Although it’s impractical to get younger children involved in the process, make them feel included by allowing them to pack up their own toys.

Moving Day

Relocating as a family can be particularly difficult on moving day, as children and parents have to face that reality that this could be the last time that they occupy, or even see, what they call home. Families need to work together to support each other on the day, therefore parents should make the time to focus on reassuring children on the positives of the move and spending quality time with them during.

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