Make The Move Easy On Your Pets

Make The Move Easy On Your Pets

Most people who have pets will think of them as an extension of their family and so it is important not to neglect them during your move. Whilst you may be preoccupied with how stressful things are for you, the chances are that they are also pretty stressful for your animals.

Whilst we offer great removals in Wiltshire that will help make things easier on you; what about the animals you care for? There is always a lot to think about during any move, but here are a few things you should consider in order to make the whole experience easier for your beloved family pets.

Give Them A Comfortable Ride 

Some pets love to travel in the car and will happily sit on the seat next to you and enjoy the ride. However, many others will be confused and troubled by this process and some may have never even experienced it at all. Therefore it is important to make the journey as comfortable for them as possible. You can do this by providing them with a lined carry-case so that they can relax if they choose, and including a couple of their favourite toys. You can also buy pet travel sickness tablets for any animals that really don’t travel well.

Move Them In First 

When you arrive at your new home it is a good idea to move your pets into the house first. Find a quiet area (such as an unused room) in which you can keep them and make sure the windows and doors are secure. Give them the toys that they are familiar with as well as something that smells like you so that they can begin to feel comfortable in their new environment.

Keep Cats Indoors For A While 

Even after you have been at your new home for a few days, it is best to make sure that cats stay indoors until they have become aware of their new home. Cats love to explore so let them have free roam of the house but try to keep them inside until you are sure they know where to return to. It may be a good idea to inform your old neighbours that your cat may lose its bearings and go back to your previous property. This way they can keep an eye out for them and relieve your worries by informing you that they’re safe, just lost at your old home.

Help Them Feel At Home 

A great way to help cats and dogs settle in their new surroundings is to aid them in spreading their scent around the house. This will not only help them to feel more comfortable due to the fact that they can smell themselves, it also helps to get rid of any other animal scents which in turn will reduce any bad behaviour. To do this all you need to do is to take a towel or cloth, rub it under the neck of your pet and then spread their scent at their height throughout the house. It’s easy to do and could make a big difference.

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