The Importance of Staying Organised When Moving House

The Importance of Staying Organised When Moving House

Those embarking on moving house may be tempted to ‘wing it’ by packing at the last minute and not organising their move, but this can be problematic and can even heighten the stress of the relocation. Those who are tempted to cut corners and not plan their moving strategy should be aware that by leaving it late can actually cause more issues and even lead to a significant delay to your move.

By staying organised, compiling planning lists, and booking your removal company well in advance, you can easily make your move less stressful, protect your valuables, and spend....  

Reduce Stress Levels

The big move is often a highly stressful time for most people, and although being organised may not completely remove feelings of stress it can reduce them significantly. It is important to stay calm when moving so that important tasks on to-do lists don’t get forgotten and precious items left behind.

By carefully planning a personalised moving agenda, and making sure that you plan a substantial amount of time to complete your move you can reduce your stress levels and not forget anything, which can make your move smooth, leaving you more time to settle in to your new surroundings.

Less Likely To Forget Something

Most who have moved house before have experienced the daunting realisation that something has been forgotten. Whether it’s a freezer left full of food, an un-cleaned oven, meter readings not taken, or even personal possessions left behind, it is a horrible realisation that you either have to turn the car around, ring the estate agents to regain access to the property, or just feel slight embarrassment about what the new tenants are about to discover.

Having a checklist of everything that needs to be done before you more will mean that nothing gets forgotten. A list should include important tasks, like meter readings and informing the relevant bodies of your move, tasks that seem more obvious to remember, such as packing kitchen utensils, and even those that are unrelated to the move, such as social events.

Organisation can make it More Fun

For most, a relocation or move is the start of new beginnings and a happy time despite the stress that the move can create. With a carefully scheduled and organised move, feelings of stress are vastly reduced, meaning that you can spend more time ‘enjoying’ your move, experiencing nostalgia and saying farewell to your former home.

Less Likely to Damage Belongings

Last minute packing and an unorganised move can lead to serious and irreparable damage to personal belongings. Without carefully planning your move, and liaising with your removal company about valuable or heavy items, you can end up damaging your belongings, or experiencing a delay in your move. Even smaller, more robust items can easily be broken when carelessly packed, or placed in unsuitable, incorrectly sized boxes.

Through planning in advance, those moving home can discuss the logistics of moving delicate, valuable, or delicate possessions with their removal company who can then move it so that it is not damaged in any way.

With a wealth of experience in helping individuals move, here at Intransit Removals we are well aware of how important it is for people to plan their move thoroughly. We offer help with all your removal needs, from sturdy removal boxes, the moving of valuable and precious items, to helping with international relocation, so if you’re about to move house speak to us about how we can help.