4 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Storage Facilities

4 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Storage Facilities

Here at Intransit, we don’t just provide people in the Wiltshire area with an excellent removals service, we also offer a professional and reliable storage solution for your possessions. Storage can be the perfect option for anyone who is moving to a new home and doesn’t want to take everything with them for whatever reason.

If you are planning a move in the near future and are not sure what to do with any unwanted furniture or belongings of any kind whilst you find a permanent home for them, then storage could be the perfect option. Here are 4 great reasons to use our services.

An Extension Of Your Home 

Storage facilities are not just somewhere that you can keep your unwanted belongings until you find a home for them, you can also use them to store anything you want to keep but just don’t have the space at your home. This often includes seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, golfing gear or ski equipment. Why have these things cluttering up your home all year round when you can store them elsewhere and access them when the time comes that they are needed.

A Well Protected Environment 

Storage facilities can also provide a great alternative to a garage or shed if you don’t have access to these building at your own home. Places such as the loft or the back of a garage can often experience problems with damp or other weather related issues, but our storage units can reduce the risk of damage in this way. Our warehouse is a double-skinned building and so when you add this to the container which your items will be held in you will receive three layers of resistance against the elements.

Speeds Up The Moving Process 

Moving home is a difficult enough experience as it is, without having to worry about what you are going to do with any unwanted possessions. If you are moving to a smaller home then you may be having to sell items of furniture or other belongings and this can slow down your move or even put it on hold for a while. Storing these items at our facility will mean you can continue with your move on your own terms and find a more permanent solution in due course. Alternatively, if your move is only temporary, you can store your items until you have the space to welcome them back home.

A Two In One Service 

The fact that our storage containers are made to fit perfectly into the back of our removal vans means that we can carry out your removals and take your items into storage in one trip. This will not only cut down on your costs but also on the time it takes out of your busy schedule on what is a stressful day.

If you would like to find out more information about our storage or removals services then please call us on 01225 759200 or get in touch with us via the contact page.