What to Pack in the Car when you Move

What to Pack in the Car when you Move

Moving house is less stressful when you use a trusted removal company to move the bulk of your possessions, but there are certain things that you should always consider packing in your car. Read on for some advice on what you’ll want to keep close to you to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Map/GPS Device

Don’t forget to take directions! Unless you’re not going far then a map or GPS device is essential if you’re not sure of the route to take.

Treat it Like a Holiday

Except for a tent, pack suitcases as though you are going to be camping out for the night – you need clothes, toiletries and bedding, as you will be arriving in an empty shell. If you’ve organised your move so that your other boxes come on the same day then that’s great, however you may not feel like digging through them right away to find the essentials.

Food and Drink

Car snacks and water are a must, especially if it’s hot. In terms of your dinner plans, again you should pack as though you’re camping and take food that will be easy to cook at the other end – or research a local takeaway number before you go to give yourself a well-earned rest from cooking.

Identification Documents

Passports, birth certificates, bank statements, driving licenses – if these go missing during your move, you’re looking at an awful lot of hassle and worry. You also may not notice them missing right away, so it’s best to keep these close to you.

Fragile Items

If you pack with care and label the boxes as ‘fragile’ then there’s no reason that all your breakables shouldn’t survive the move. However, if you have a priceless china family heirloom, you may decide it’s not worth the risk and you’d rather keep it with you just in case. Extend this to any non-breakables that you couldn’t bear to lose and avoid packing your engagement ring in with your pyjamas.


You won’t be the only one that will find moving day stressful, your beloved pets will too. Make sure they feel comfortable by taking them in the car with you. They will need to be quickly taken out of the vehicle after the journey, and if they’re not good travellers it will be easier to soothe them. You must also regulate their temperatures and give them drinks if they need it during the journey.

If it’s not on this list, chances are you’ll need help moving it. If you’re looking for a Wiltshire or Bath removals company, contact Intransit on 01225 759200.