When is the Best Time to Move?

When is the Best Time to Move?

You may find that your move is restricted to a certain time of year by the property market, your tenancy agreement, or your reasons for relocation, but those who have the time to have a casual move may be wondering when the best time to move actually is.

Summer Vs Winter

Moving house during the summer time means that you are far less likely to get drenched whilst transporting boxes, but does mean that you are exposed to much warmer weather and are at risk of overheating and getting sunburnt. In terms of temperature and climate, it is far better to move in the milder months of autumn or spring. These months usually see more people looking to move and taking interest in buying property, and means that you tend to avoid more extreme weather.

Weekend Vs Weekday

Moving on a weekend might be more convenient as, depending on your job, you don’t have to book time off work, and you have two days to sort your belongings before returning to the office on a Monday morning. You can also guarantee that your children won’t be at school and can help the move, which will aid their acclimatisation to their new home.

Although it may seem less practical, there are plenty of benefits to moving during the week. Your new neighbourhood is likely to be quieter as most people are at work, meaning that you don’t have to stress over rushing to unload your moving van so as not to disturb anyone. You’ll also find that if you move outside of rush hour traffic, the roads are usually just as quiet as they are at the weekends.

Term Time Vs School Holidays

It will be easier to move house with your family during the school holidays, as this means your children have more time to adjust to their new home and neighbourhood. It is especially beneficial if your children are going to have to move schools because of the move, as it allows time for them to say goodbye to their old friends and prepare for their new educational adventure.

If unable to move during the school holidays, plan your move to happen over the weekend, so that you don’t have to take children out of school. Whilst moving with your children may seem like it will induce more stress, getting them involved in the move will help them settle into their new environment much more easily.

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