When Should you Tell Your Clients That you’re Moving Offices?

When Should you Tell Your Clients That you’re Moving Offices?

An office move is an incredibly busy time for a business, and with so much to do, you can easily forget the small but important things, like telling your clients and customers about your change of address. Businesses should inform their clients about their new premises at a particular stage during the relocation process.

Before the Move

It is definitely not okay to spring the news of office move on your clients once it is completed. By not being open with your clients and telling them about the move, you unintentionally cause trust issues that could end with them cancelling contracts and taking their business elsewhere. Along with the potential loss of trust, you could also cause logistical issues in regards to scheduled meetings and your new address.

Instead, make sure that all of your clients are informed well before the move so that they have time to ask questions about the new office and rearrange any meetings they may have scheduled with you.

After the Lease Agreement is Signed and Completed

Although you may think you are doing the right thing by informing all of your clients of your planned move as soon as you found a new office space and started the paperwork, there is a chance that the deal could fall through and you’re left back where you started.

Only tell your clients that you’re relocating once the paperwork is complete as this is when the move is guaranteed rather than just a possibility.

Before Moving Week

Don’t be tempted to send a quick email to all your clients the moment before you unplug your computer and pack it away. With all the hustle and bustle surrounding packing up your business’s possessions, transporting them, and then unpacking once at your new office, you’re likely to end up forgetting to cc someone in, or sending an email riddled with typos and errors.

Make sure that you draft and send a personalised email to all of your clients at around two weeks prior to your office move. This will inform clients of the busy period that is approaching and give them the chance to speak to you before the move commences.

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