Five things to add to your checklist when moving offices

Five things to add to your checklist when moving offices

Moving offices can be a very busy time, especially if you have a lot of departments and a filing system to consider. We’ve come up with some easy to remember ideas to help you streamline your commercial move, below:

1.  New office floor-plan

One of the first things on your to-do list should be the organisation of your new office. If you can obtain an office plan of your new office before you move, you can plan the layout of your new office beforehand. Important areas to consider should be telephone and power outlets, as you will need to consider where to place your printers and photocopiers, as well as your data points.

When you take these items into consideration, it might be that you will have more or less space than you previously thought.

2. Internet at new office?

It is definitely worth considering that you will need to maintain a constant level of connectivity throughout your move between offices. Maintaining continuous access is very important as your clients and business connections will still need to be in contact with you.

3. Keep your receipts

You must keep hold of the itemised itinerary of your possessions, as drawn up by our surveyor at the start of your move. This document is used as a receipt by both parties. We work hard to protect your property whilst in transit and we feel safe in the knowledge that we will deliver securely and on time. Your itemised receipt simply helps this procedure.

4. Changing contact details everywhere + forwarding address

Lots of things can go wrong when moving offices. The best way to stay on top is to remain organised, well in advance. Make sure of your new address and prepare new business cards and stationery accordingly. You will also need to change your address on all your online tools.

You also need to inform the world that you are changing address, whether by email or letter or social media. You want to give your clients and providers plenty of notice regarding your move.

5.     Circulate contact details

Finally, you might want to put together a document with everyone’s contact details on it. This is to ensure that anyone can contact anyone with the minimal amount of fuss. You might even want to provide a soft and a hard copy of this document. Even in the days of smartphones, a physical document can help provide safety of mind.

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