How to Pack your Clothes when Moving House

How to Pack your Clothes when Moving House

There may seem like there are plenty of larger, more expensive, or fragile items that need your attention when it comes to moving house, but the way you package your clothes and accessories is also important.

Poorly packed clothing and accessories can cause damage to items, which can be a costly expense to those who are having to spend their budget setting up their new home and finding themselves having to replace their favourite jumpers. That’s why we’ve come up with a simple guide to the best way to pack up your clothing and accessories for your move.

Think Seasonally

Much like the fashion week catwalks, you should think seasonally when packing your clothes. If you pack your clothing into autumn/winter and spring/summer then you can prioritise which clothing boxes to unpack first. If moving early in the summer, you can even leave your winter clothing packed up and stored until the season changes.

Make Use of Your Suitcase

Probably the most obvious way to pack and transport clothes, your suitcases are great for packing day wear and casual items. If you’ve only got small cases use them for packing your immediate items, such as clothes for the next day, toothbrushes and other toiletries, rather than for packing small amounts of your wardrobe.

Pack Shoes as If You Work in Retail

Pack shoes separately from the rest of your clothing. This avoids items being damaged or soiled by dirty shoes. If you’ve kept the shoe boxes for your shoes, now’s the time to put them to use. If not, simply stuff shoes with newspaper, use carrier bags to hold individual pairs, and pack into medium sized boxes. This gives the shoes some protection and keeps pairs together.

Itemise your Accessories

It’s always the smaller things that get lost during a move, which is usually because they aren’t packed correctly. When packing your accessories, such as jewellery, handbags, belts and scarves, it is a good idea to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the task and create an itemised list. Taking care during the packing process reduces the chance of losing items, as does checking them off a list when unpacking.

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