How to Avoid Hidden Charges When Choosing a Removals Company

How to Avoid Hidden Charges When Choosing a Removals Company

Moving house can be a pretty expensive business, so the last thing you want is to find a super cheap removals company who then hit you with a load of extra charges they never mentioned up front. When picking a firm to help you move, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. So, if a quote seems too good to be true, make sure to check that the following are included:


Yes, shockingly some removals companies and man-with-van operations will charge you for petrol, as if this wasn’t just a normal overhead of running their business. A legitimate company may well charge you extra for the time/petrol involved in a long-distance move, but this should always be included in the quote upfront.


I think most people would assume their removals company would offer the necessary insurance to cover their belongings during the move as standard. This is normally the case, but some firms will still try to squeeze an extra charge in for this on the bill. This insurance is vital, so it’s just as important to establish that the company you are using have it as making sure they won’t suddenly charge you extra for it.

Your building type

This mainly applies to blocks of flats with no stairs, but can also crop up with any type of move involving harder to access properties. Some companies will add to their price to take account of the extra time and effort involved in carrying stuff to and from these kinds of properties, but if they are going to do that, again, they really ought to include it in the quote, not hit you with an additional charge at the end.

Road tolls

If the route your movers take involves using a toll bridge or road, they may ask you for the toll money. For a single trip, this usually isn’t much, but the cost can soon add up if multiple trips are needed. If this is likely to be an issue, make sure you discuss it with your movers first so they can either include it in their initial quote or not, depending on their policy.

Furniture disassembly/assembly

If you need some help taking furniture apart and putting it back together in your new home, your removals company will usually be glad to help. They may want to charge you for it though, so make sure you find this out in advance.

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