6 Unwelcome Costs People Often Forget About When Moving House

6 Unwelcome Costs People Often Forget About When Moving House

According to new research, homeowners frequently underestimate the cost of moving by up to £800 (and even more in some cases!). Perfect Agent identified six main unplanned expenses that pushed people over budget, so we thought we would pass them on so you don’t get caught out during your move.

Ending contracts early

For services with a fixed term contract, such as broadband and premium television, if you wish to end the contract early you will normally have to pay some kind of penalty which many people fail to factor in to their moving costs. 

Moving broadband

If you want to keep the same broadband supplier, they will usually charge you to move your contract to a new address and reconnect you. If the new property hasn’t previously had broadband, you may end up paying even more for installation. This also applies to premium TV services, such as satellite TV.

Switching energy supplier

If you are on a fixed term, you may be charged the same sort of termination fee as for your broadband or television. If you’re not on a fixed term contract, switching suppliers shouldn’t cost you anything, but whether you stay with your old supplier or switching it’s important to make sure you end up on the best tariff as your energy use at your new house may be different from the old.

Repairs and decorating

However pristine your new house looked when you went to view it, once all the old furniture is out, you may well find some little repair jobs that need attending to. Likewise the decorating may need a touch up, or else you might decide that wallpaper which looked great with the previous occupants’ furniture looks terrible next to yours and it has to go. It’s highly advisable to leave at least a little in the budget for this.


Before you leave your old house, it’s only polite to make sure the place is thoroughly clean. You may intend to do this yourself, but as moving day draws closer and time runs out, you may find yourself just too stressed and busy to take care of it. At that point, knowing a good cleaner will be a life-saver, but it’s also another unexpected cost.


Perhaps one of the easiest added expenses to overlook. Most reasonable people aren’t going to feel like cooking anything on moving day and, unless you are very efficient and motivated, chances are you might want to grab a takeaway for a few days either side of the move too. Takeaways are definitely the movers’ friend, but they’ll hit your wallet just like everything else.

One area where you should never end up going over budget is the cost of your removals company. As long as you stick with a reputable firm of movers, like Intransit, the price you are quoted up front should be all you end up paying. Of course, we never hit our customers with any hidden charges, but the best way to get an accurate quote is by allowing us to come around and look at exactly what needs moving. To arrange a quote please fill in our online contact form or send us an email.