How to Move House with a Dog

How to Move House with a Dog

Just as moving house can be stressful for you, it can also be extremely stressful for your dog. Unlike you, your canine pal will have no idea what’s going on, so anything you can do to help them stay calm and accept the move is vital. Here are some top tips to help your pooch cope.

Before the move

Dogs like a set routine and will be just as attached to the familiar sights, sounds and smells of home as you are (if not more so). They are usually extremely sensitive to any changes in their environment, so when you start packing up your possessions your dog may become distressed.

One way to minimise the disruption is packing one room at a time, leaving your dog’s favourite spaces until last. At the very least, try not to move their bed until the day you move. If you can stick to feeding and walking your dog at their usual times, this should help. It’s also a good idea to give your furry friend some extra attention throughout the move to help manage their stress.

During the move

On moving day, put your dog into one room with their bed and plenty of water, then shut them in there so they’re safely out of the way when the house is being emptied. Make sure to check on them frequently and give them plenty of fuss when you can.

A dog cage or seat harness will help keep your pet safe during the move and, if you have to stop for any reason, be sure not to leave them in the car unattended. And, remember, not everyone might be as fond of dogs as you, so keeping them on their lead when out of the car is advisable. 

After the move

Help your dog settle into their new environment by setting up their bed and food bowl as soon as possible. This will help them quickly establish a new sense of normality. When taking your dog for walks, keep them on their lead for the first few days at least and remember to give them plenty of fuss, so they learn to associate their new environment with you and positive experiences.

Exploit your doggy friend’s powerful sense of smell by rubbing a cotton pad gently around their face, then dabbing their scent around the new house. This will get your new place smelling familiar to your pet in no time. You could also try giving them an old jumper of yours to sleep with initially, as this will help them associate their new environment with another familiar smell.

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