What Else Should you Do when Moving Overseas?

What Else Should you Do when Moving Overseas?

Once you’ve completed all the ‘big’ jobs like sorting the paperwork and finding a place to live, those who are moving overseas may find themselves thinking ‘what else is there to do?’ Whilst you’ve got the important things covered, there are other tasks that you may want to do prior to your move. From learning about and understanding the culture you’re about to immerse yourself in, to making sure you say goodbye to all the loved ones, family, and neighbours that you’re leaving behind.

Learn about the Culture

You’ve probably got some knowledge about the country that you’re about to call home, but those who are moving there out of necessity rather than love may want to spend some time researching what they’ve got to look forward to. If you know very little about your destination then you may want to invest in a travel guide. Whilst buying a travel guide might give you a restricted snapshot of your destination, it does give you a starting point for where to go during your free time and most usually deliver a potted history along with a brief insight into local culture.

Learn the Language

If you’re moving to a country where you don’t speak the language, its best to make sure you learn the basics prior to moving. If you’ve got time, enrol in a local language course so that you can learn simple phrases and conversational skills. If your schedule is too busy, buy a phrase book and spend five minutes a day practicing pronunciation and useful phrases. This won’t make you fluent, but will provide you with enough linguistic skill to quickly immerse yourself and converse with others.

Say Goodbye to your Loved Ones

Make sure you say goodbye to your loved ones before you leave. Although you will still be able to stay in touch using video chats, phone calls, emails, and other methods of communication, nothing is the same as spending quality time together.

Say Goodbye to your Home

It may seem strange, but it is a good idea to say goodbye to your surroundings as well as your family and friends. Whilst being away from those close to you does make up a large part of feeling homesick, you can also feel like you are missing familiar surroundings. Take some time to ‘say farewell’ to your favourite places before moving.

Double Check it’s All Covered

It’s always a great idea to double check that you’ve got everything in order, perhaps even triple check. With such a big upheaval, it is likely that you will find that you’ve forgotten to sort something, so double checking and then checking again will mean that your move runs smoothly.

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