Tips for Packing Gym Equipment

Tips for Packing Gym Equipment

Whether you have a full home gym or just a few weights, special consideration needs to be given to moving your fitness equipment. The heavy weight or awkward bulk means that all lifting and packing must be undertaken carefully to avoid injury to yourselves or damage to equipment.


Don’t over-pack boxes with as many weights as will fit – they will quickly become too heavy to be safely moved.  Ensure boxes are also reinforced and well taped up so that nothing falls out of the bottom. Bubble wrap or scrunched paper will stop them from sliding about in transit and becoming scratched or chipped.

Large Equipment

Before you start taking anything apart, consider carefully how you’re going to reassemble it. Make sure you either have instructions, know how to reassemble, or take the time to make notes about how it goes back together. This is especially important if your equipment is going into storage for any length of time and you’re likely to forget how it goes back together.

Loose Screws

If you’re taking equipment and weights apart, wrap up all the nuts and bolts securely so you don’t lose them – ziplock bags are ideal if you choose to do this yourself. They can also be easily taped to the equipment to ensure it doesn’t get lost or mixed up.

Protecting Equipment

Although likely to take a good deal of strain while you exercise on it, some parts still might be delicate, especially electronic equipment. Ensure it’s securely wrapped with bubble wrap and doesn’t get loaded underneath any heavier objects in your removal van.

Protecting Yourself

When it comes to weights, whether you’re moving them yourself or hiring a pro you should always mark what they are on the boxes very clearly so that nobody injures themselves by trying to lift them without realising how heavy they are. You should also ensure that any unsecured weights or components are removed to ensure that they won’t fall off and cause injury during a move. You should also be aware of the limits of what you can safely carry by yourself and not exceed that limit.

Packing gym equipment

Moving gym equipment is fairly bulky and awkward, so your best bet for a safe removal – for your back as well as for your items! – is to get an expert to help you move. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced Chippenham removals company then get in contact with Intransit and let us help your house move go as smoothly as possible.