What to Do With Unwanted White Goods When You Move

What to Do With Unwanted White Goods When You Move

When we move house most of us end up having a clear out of any old, unwanted things we would rather not have cluttering up our new home. Mostly these can be disposed of pretty easily, but bigger items, like old fridges and washing machines can be a little trickier. Here are our suggestions for how to get rid of your unwanted white goods without having to take a trip to the recycling centre.

Charity shops

Although your average high street charity shop probably won’t be able to take anything as big and bulky as your old fridge or freezer, you might still be able to donate it if you find the right shop. Many charities operate bigger stores specifically for furniture and larger items, so if you know of one nearby it is well worth giving them a call. Many of them will even come and collect your donation for free! You can use the Charity Retail Associations Find a Charity tool to work out if there’s a shop nearby willing to take your old white goods. Alternatively, you could try donating them through the Furniture Re-use Network who are connected with hundreds of partner organisations all over the country.


Assuming your appliances are still in decent condition, it may well be worth listing them on eBay to see if you can actually make a little money back. This will generally be a lot easier the newer your goods are and if they are free from any major cosmetic damage. It also helps if you have sold things through eBay before and have a good seller rating from other users and this will make people more inclined to buy from you. However, as long as you’re completely honest about any problems with the items you’re selling, you should be okay.


If you are concerned your white goods aren’t in a fit state to sell, freecycling could be the answer. By using a site such as Freecycle or Gumtree Freebies you can advertise your unwanted items for free to people in the surrounding area. Not only does this get rid of your old stuff, you can specify ‘collection only’ meaning the recipient will come and take it away for you, so you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Broken white goods

If your appliances are no longer working you will usually have fewer options over what to do with them. Some councils will collect bulky items for free (although they may have a limit on how many items they will take from you each year). Check out your local council’s website or give them a call to find out their policy.

There are also some organisations that specialise in refurbishing old electrical appliances. These are usually charities, such as the Sofa Project in Bristol which use the opportunity to teach disadvantaged people valuable skills. A donation to this kind of organisation not only solves your problem, but can help support your local community too.

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