Cleaning Tips For When You Move Home

Cleaning Tips For When You Move Home

Moving your boxes shouldn’t be your only priority on moving day – whether you were renting your old place or have sold it, it’s advisable and courteous to leave the property in a clean condition. Like most aspects of moving home, pre-planning what you’re going to do and when is key to reducing stress and timewasting, so we’ve compiled some tips and ideas for coping with cleaning when you move home.

Move Items Early

If time and distance allows, you could plan to move your items a day or two before you hand over the keys. This will give you time to check and clean the empty property thoroughly without your boxes and furniture getting in the way.

If you’re moving a long distance or if time is tight then you could even consider short-term storage while you are between properties. This option will give you some breathing space in which to clean and organise your old property, as well as check over your new one for any potential problems before you start moving in your possessions.

Pre-Moving Day Tasks

In the days or weeks leading up to a move, there are a few things you can take care of early to reduce the stress of a last-minute clean:

Fridges and freezers – even if you need to keep using these right up until you move, take the time to clean out and defrost these prior to the rush of moving day so that when you switch them off you won’t leave a puddle behind

Bathrooms – mould may have worked its way into the grout in your bathroom without you noticing. It’s a good idea to tackle this early as it can take time and elbow grease to remove
Any deep-clean requirements need to be organised in advance – for example if the carpets or any rental furniture are stained

Repairs or paint jobs also need to be organised and carried out in advance – you don’t want to be dodging wet paint when you’re carrying out your boxes!

Last-Minute Tasks

Along with locking up, checking the electrics are all off and taking a meter reading, there are a few other things that need to do right before you leave:

  • Have one last vacuum, sweep or mop to get rid of any dust and footprints left from the moving process
  • Switch off fridges/freezers, and leave propped open to prevent any mould forming
  • Ensure all windows are secure, but if there are air vents then consider opening them – a fresh atmosphere will give a great first impression to a new tenant/landlord carrying out a post-tenancy check
  • Spray the bath or shower with a mould/mildew preventer to prevent any leftover moisture causing problems while the property is empty
  • It goes without saying that you should have one last check before you leave for good, but checking food cupboards for leftover food, crumbs or spills should be a priority
  • Empty the bin and/or take any rubbish out with you

Outsource Your Packing

Moving day is hectic for everyone, but especially so if you’re on a tight schedule, have children, or have pets that could complicate the process. If you don’t feel you have time to both pack and clean before handing over the keys, then one stress-free option could be to outsource your packing. Getting professionals in will save you heaps of time that can be spent ensuring the property is left in great shape.

We offer standard packing and removal packages to help your move go smoothly, or if you only require partial removal services, then we are always happy to tailor a quote that encompasses exactly what you need. If you need a trusted and flexible removal company in Chippenham then call us on 01225 759200 and let us take the stress out of your move.