Who Should Pack when Moving Offices?

Who Should Pack when Moving Offices?

Businesses that have moved offices before will know that there is a near endless list of things to do, from informing clients and changing businesses cards, to packing up your workspace. Though some items on the list are quick and easy to complete, others are a little more difficult, and when it comes to packing, it can even be tough to decide who exactly should do it. Should a business complete this monumental task in-house and have their employees assist with the packing and moving, or should they get some help from experienced experts?

We’ve taken a look at what you are likely to be moving and suggest who is best to pack various items to help you decide the right way for your business to manage your packing when relocating offices.

Confidential Documents

Most offices have a number of documents that contain confidential information, and these are best packed by yourself or your employees prior to the arrival of any removal team. Either pack these into a box and seal it so that all the removals team has to do is load and unload them, or transport on your person when you move.

Personal Effects

Personal effects should also be packed up by employees. Asking employees to organise packing their own desks or personal effects will prevent confusion over which items belong to which member of staff during the packing process. Whether you choose to request that they personally transfer these to the new office, or are willing to pack them along with the rest of the office equipment, you should provide boxes to help with organisation.

Heavy Items

Though these items don’t technically need to be packed, any heavy or bulky items are best moved by people with experience and training in heavy lifting. Items such as desks, shelving units, and cupboards are best moved by experts to avoid damage to individuals and the furniture itself. Despite it seeming like a cost effective measure to try and get employees to move items themselves, it can lead to an increased risk of damage and need to replace broken items.

Expensive Equipment

The computers, printers, and other valuable equipment should be packed and moved in a particular way so as to avoid damage. No matter the distance of your move, whether you’re heading to a new city, or just down the road, ensuring that these items are packed securely will help prevent accidents and need for replacement or repair. Using a removal company means that you can have access to specialist packaging and IT rolling cages that will help make the move swifter and safer.

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