3 Handy Uses for Bin Bags on Your Moving Day

3 Handy Uses for Bin Bags on Your Moving Day

Moving can be stressful, so it’s good to know that simple household objects like bin bags can help make your day easier if you think outside the box. We’ve compiled our top three ways that you can use bin bags during your move as a last-minute solution to some common moving-day struggles.

1 – Instant Suit Bag

You can use a bin bag to make moving your hung-up clothes easier. Open out a bin bag and choose a manageable chunk of hangers with the clothes still on –around ten or as many as you could comfortably carry. Slip the bottom of the clothing into the bin bag and then pull it up, tying a knot just under the hooks. Secure the hooks with string or sticky tape to stop the hangers slipping and make it easier to handle. Once you’ve gently squeezed the air out, you can take your clothes off the hanger.

This method makes unpacking your clothes a lot easier, as you simply hang the clothes back up then remove the tape and bag. If you have a high volume of clothes, or delicate suits and dresses that need more protection, then this isn’t an ideal solution as bin bags are not hardy enough to offer much protection. You should consider a special clothing box with a rail.

2 – Weatherproofing

If you’re moving in winter, you might have some rain to deal with. Cut open a bin bag and use it to cover any items that you carry to the car. If it’s really bucketing down, then this is especially important to protect any cardboard removal boxes, delicate items and fabrics.

If for any reason you have to leave anything on the floor outside for any length of time, then you can also lay bags out to protect the bottom of your possessions from any mud or rain that could be on the pavement.

3 – Protect Your Home

With people walking in and out of both your old place and your new home, any mud or rain is sure to get tramped through. It’s not practical for everyone to take their shoes on and off every time they leave when you’re in the process of loading up your removals van. If the rain shower is unexpected then you may not have pre-planned how to protect your flooring, in which case, simply lay down some bin bags and ensure that everyone treads on them carefully, then roll them up with the dirt inside when you’re finished.

It’s especially important to cut any trip risks for the people carrying heavy objects, so it’s a good idea to use masking tape to tape the plastic in place. This will also stop them from slipping around and getting the carpet dirty anyway.

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