Organisation Tips for Last-Minute House Movers

Organisation Tips for Last-Minute House Movers

Maybe your move is unexpected, you’ve been busy with other aspects of your life, or organisation isn’t your strongest quality – whatever the reason, if you’re facing a last-minute moving crisis, then we’ve got some tips to get you organised.

Keep Calm and Be Methodical

Even though your instinct may be to start immediately shoving your possessions into bags, if you don’t take a little timeout to make a plan of action, you’re going to end up in a real mess. Grab a notepad, write a ‘to-do’ list, and then approach the move methodically. When you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to forget things. You’ll need to plan the following:

  • What to use to move your possessions and where you could source them. Will bin bags be enough? Do you need to source some cardboard removal boxes?
  • Take stock of what you already have at your disposal. For example, if you have a lot of old ‘bags-for-life’ then these are the perfect vessel for DVDs and books.
  • Whether you need to hire a removal van to get to your new place
  • What you’ll need in the run-up to moving day (clothes, hairdryer, cooking equipment) and how you’ll pack those last minute possessions on your way out of the door
  • Especially if you live in a rented room, you should list any places you’re likely to leave things behind – the attic, under the bed, back of the wardrobe, etc.
  • List the things you need to do on the way out of the door – meter readings, turning off all the power outlets, securing the windows, etc.

You should also take any steps you can to alleviate stress during your move as feeling run-down and panicked will only slow down the process even more.

Hire In Some Help

If you’re in a hurry then you shouldn’t try to move by yourself. Hiring a trusted removals company like Intransit will really help get you back on track. Once you’ve packed your possessions, we can help you move them to your new address. If you’re really pushed for time then we can provide a full removal service, including full or partial packing and packaging materials.

We offer a full range of services that you can take advantage of whether you’re moving at the last minute or are planning months in advance. If you need a home or office removals company in Melksham or nearby then contact us on 01225 759200 to see how we can help you out on moving day.