Getting the Best Value for Your Old Books, Films and Music

Getting the Best Value for Your Old Books, Films and Music

One issue that crops up time and time again when people talk to us about moving is the massive amount of books, films and music in various formats they’ve collected over the years. We are happy to advise you on the best way to safely move your collection and keep it in pristine condition, but if you are looking to slim down your media library and make a little cash back, these are some of the best places to try.  


This might seem like an obvious one, but there are a number of tricks to get the best out of selling on eBay. The site uses a system of user generated feedback to provide ratings for individual users. If you have no feedback from other eBayers, chances are not many people will want to buy from you, so you’ll get fewer bids and a lower sale price. Start building feedback by buying small items you need from other users and selling a few low value items of your own, before moving on to anything more valuable.


If you have a large number of books to shift Alibris is an excellent platform, especially if you are looking to sell any old or rare volumes. Because the site specialises in books, you may be able to connect with a greater number of real aficionados who have a better idea of the true value of your books, allowing you to get a better price. Their basic membership allows you to list up to 1000 items (including CDS, vinyls, DVDs and videos as well as books) for only $19.99 per year (currently equal to around £12).


Cex are a national chain with over 200 stores who specialise in buying and selling second hand CDs, DVDs and videogames, as well as various electronic items such as phones, tablets and laptops. They tend to offer the best prices on more recent films, games and music and their prices on older titles can be a little as a few pence. However, if you have a bulk load of stuff you want to quickly offload in one easy transaction, CEX are convenient, even if they’re not necessarily the best value for money. It’s worth noting that they do usually offer better value if you trade in your items for store credit rather than cash.

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